General weather today:

A front reaches the Alps.

Il tempo domani:

Mostly cloudy with widespread rain in the afternoon. Overnight partly heavy rain.

Il tempo domani
Temp. min.: 16°
Temp. max.: 21°

Maximum temperatures from 15° to 21°.

Mountain weather today:

Cloudy, low visibility with widespread rain during the day. Snow level sinking from 2600 m towards 2000 m in the North, 2300 in the South.

Temperature in 2.000m:
Temperature in 3.000m:
0° limit: 3000 m

Weather development

Friday 05.06 Saturday 06.06 Sunday 07.06
Weather development Friday 05.06 Weather development Saturday 06.06 Weather development Sunday 07.06
Temp. min.: 14° Temp. min.: 14° Temp. min.: 15°
Temp. max.: 24° Temp. max.: 24° Temp. max.: 22°

Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol